All About Gadget Insurance UK – What Are Your Options?

If you are wondering about gadget insurance UK, you should know that you actually have many choices here. In other words, there are many companies based in the United Kingdom that provide that all-important gadget insurance. In this article, we are going to tell you more about gadget insurance UK, how they work and what you need to make a claim.

Gadget insurance includes all electronic gadgets including tablets, iPhones and, android phones. They do not cover laptops and desktop computers. If you need insurance for your laptop or desktop computer, their companies that provide this type of insurance.

If you are like most people, you are probably wondering why you should get gadget insurance. After all, at the end of the day, it is really nothing more than an extra cost that gives no tangible return on your investment. Well, we are here to tell you that you absolutely need to get insurance for your gadget. Why? Because it is cheaper than having to replace it from out of your own pocket.

The average policy in the United Kingdom costs seven pounds per month for an iPhone 7. Imagine if you lost your device through theft or carelessness, or witness its damage, can you imagine how much it would cost you to replace your unit? And even if your phone was only damaged, it will still cost you a lot of money. With smartphones costing upwards of 500 pounds, you can’t afford not to have your own device insured.

Apple Smart Watch GadgetBut how does gadget insurance work? It works this way: With a policy in place, your gadget will be covered. Standard plans cover accidental damage, liquid damage, theft, and breakdown. There are plans out there that offer additional features in their standard plan, like worldwide coverage for 60 days and insurance against unauthorized calls. If you need to make a claim, you have to download the appropriate form.

You have to report any incident that may result in a claim 48 hours after it happens. In cases of theft, you need to report to the Police and get a crime reference number and for lost phones, you need to get a lost property number to support your claim. You will need to fill out a claim form in detail, and you will also need to provide information on any insurance policy (aside from the gadget insurance you already have), warranty, guarantee or contract. This could be household insurance or any other form of insurance. If you provide the details, you could get a claim from the insurer of the third-party insurance you have.

When you submit your claim, it will be assessed for any excess fees, which you need to pay before your claim can be paid.

The process of making a claim for your gadget insurance is pretty straightforward. If you need help, though, you should contact your insurance company and talk to a representative.

As we said before, there are many insurers based in the United Kingdom that provide gadget insurance. We are NOT going to recommend any particular names, however, we are going to tell you that, no matter, what you do, make sure you to compare at least three different plans by different insurers.

We really do not need to tell you, but not all insurers are created alike, and while they may offer more or less the same thing, there are insurers that offer something more. For example, while worldwide coverage is not usually offered in a standard plan, there are insurance companies that offer it even in their basic plans.

When it comes to the actual comparison of insurance plans, you do not need to go to different insurance company websites, get a quote and compare them manually. No, there are many websites out there that offer free insurance quotes, and the only thing you need to do is to click on the device you want to be insured. The website will then search its database for a list of gadget insurance UKĀ  insurers that match your criteria. The good thing about it is that they often offer an apples-to-apples comparison, which is something that you can readily see when the results are generated.